Vedran I. Aladrovic has spent almost a decade in the public and private sector, working in several international institutions such as the World Bank Group and International Chamber of Commerce, where he was leading the compliance and change management practice. He is an independent researcher in economics, sociology and law for different academic institutions.

Already in 2009 for his self-produced theater play “Himmel ist vorüber” in Germany, Vedran created the early concept draft of Amour Constitutionnel by focusing on the comparison between stability in democracies and monogamous/open relationships.

He studied Law, Economics and Management at Sciences Po Paris and Columbia University as well as at Harvard Business School and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (Penn). He also completed a specialization in Positive Psychology with Penn.


Louisa T. Stuwe is an expert in public policy. Throughout her career, she has managed and implemented projects in a wide range of sectors: public (French Ministry of Health), private (multinational pharmaceutical company), international organizations (World Health Organization and World Bank Group) and for private consulting firms.

She loves to sing as well as theater and volunteered for the Avignon Theater Festival in 2017, the annual crossroads of French cultural life, which incarnates the link between art and politics.

Louisa studied Public Administration and International Politics at Sciences Po Paris and Georgetown University as well as Public Health at the French School of Public Health (EHESP), with a complementary certificate in Business from Harvard University.