Amour Constitutionnel in a nutshell

Amour Constitutionnel is a creative coaching concept and a volunteer project, a place of engagement somewhere between short films, music, literature, exercises and academia, which is part of the social economy. We have the ambition to guide people towards a better understanding of themselves, their relationships and employment opportunities in a world that is definitely not the one that our parents have known.

In the face of “surprises”, such as the election of Trump, the success of extremist parties, the Brexit or the “Yellow vests”, Amour Constitutionnel seeks to bring the political and social sciences to a wider audience through innovative cutting-edge tools such as video clips, music, interactive presentations and much more.

“Do as good or as bad as you want others to do to you”….Amour Constitutionnel aims to generate the audacity that everyone needs to find his or her own way and to invite people to ask themselves the right questions at the right time, to reinvent the concepts and experiences in order to allow everyone to shape the society of the future.

What is the idea behind ?

Inspired by North American liberal arts colleges, the foundations of Positive Psychology and the concept of the social and solidarity economy (SSE), we have created the mind-blowing and entertaining concept that is Amour Constitutionnel. This project was born out of the ideas that a single author does not know everything; theory without practice is empty; conventional coaching advice does not necessarily strike at the root of your problems; the corporate bible unfortunately reads the same everywhere; Facebook friends and Instagram followers may like your pictures but not you; and despite being in a relationship, you still don’t feel complete. Above all, that there is no single solution.

How is this linked to politics ?

Amour Constitutionnel rests on the theory and practice that every interpersonal relationship consists of inherent power games. This means that relationships can be more or less stable. Where there is power, there is struggle. Sometimes struggle leads to destruction, and often relationships fall apart. All this depends on the balances and imbalances of power that people have within their relationships.

Amour Constitutionnel compares these situations to political systems. While anarchy is untamable and wild, a democracy offers the comfort of security and stability. Democracies, bringing with them their own unique set of power games, sometimes lack the agility and capacity to change. Taking democracy for granted is a dangerous road to take. In the same way, taking our relationships for granted puts love itself in danger.

As people interact everywhere, it is possible to draw conclusions from relationships to how politics and society as a whole functions, and vice versa.

How does this apply to daily life ?

The economic theory of the law of diminishing returns applies as well to your daily activities: how much more work after a 14-hour work day brings how much more benefit for your project and recognition from your boss?

How many more hours spent on Tinder will only lead to another round of jerking off in your bed, instead of meeting the person of your dreams?

Or another example from sociology: why does the recent hire get faster access to the CEO than you? By “pure coincidence”, you always see her going to happy hour with the executive secretary of the CEO.