Some people read a book to seek inspiration. Others enroll in a course to learn something new. Some people go see a personal coach to improve their well-being. The majority of young people in generations Y and Z regularly change positions or prefer a job with missions that evolve[1]. Some people spend hours on Facebook and Instagram every day to get the attention lacking in their real lives. And still others attend live concerts, seeking fun and excitement. Some people enter a relationship just to not feel alone.

We could continue this list forever.

What if you could bring together…

  • a fun experience with a set of lessons learned…
  • the adrenaline and thrill of a rollercoaster ride with daily pragmatism…
  • an exploratory expedition with a toolbox of new techniques ?

What is this about?

Inspired by North American liberal arts colleges and the concept and foundations of Positive Psychology, we have created a mind-blowing and entertaining concept: Amour Constitutionnel. This project was born out of the idea that a single author does not know everything; theory without practice is empty; conventional coaching advice does not necessarily strike at the root of your problems; the corporate bible unfortunately reads the same everywhere; in truth, Facebook friends and Instagram followers may like your pictures but not you; music alone is not stimulating enough; and despite being in a relationship, you still don’t feel complete. Above all, that there is no single solution.

Amour Constitutionnel’s ambition is to make people aware of how their relationships are the mere reflection of politics, and vice versa. That after all, love, one of our humanity’s biggest mysteries, can be explained.


What is our approach?

Amour Constitutionnel…

… brings the richness of a multidisciplinary approach to your life,

… seeks to initiate a deliberate reflection on our daily lives,

… proposes new lifestyles to consider, in line with each of our objectives, but also with the realities of the contemporary world.

Amour Constitutionnel is an engaging, cutting-edge experience that will push you out of your comfort zone.

Fix your goals, find your right balance.

Do as good or as bad as you want others to do to you.

Or simply become the person you want to fu*k.


What is behind this project?

Amour Constitutionnel rests on the theory and practice that every interpersonal relationship consists of inherent power games. This means that relationships can be more or less stable. Where there is power, there is struggle. Sometimes struggle leads to destruction, and often relationships fall apart. All this depends on the balances and imbalances of power that people have within their relationships.

We compare these situations to political systems. While anarchy is untamable and wild, a democracy offers the comfort of security and stability. Democracies, bringing a unique set of power games within them, sometimes lack the agility and capacity to change. Taking democracy for granted is a dangerous road to take. Therefore, taking our relationships for granted puts love itself in danger. On the contrary, anarchies, as the “system of non-systems”, symbolize upheaval, change and renewal.

If you fall in love –really “fall” in love – everything is irrational, unexplainable, your thoughts and emotions drift wildly in time and space. There is an anarchic element to love, something untamable, uncontrollable and irrepressible: something simply too overwhelming to be domesticated, where the adrenaline rush of love itself can lead one to feed and perpetuate the ceaseless blaze without the tools or know-how to do so.

When you are married and bound in a 10-year-long relationship, you may feel stable and secure. Most people would probably confirm that the wildness of the early years has faded and transformed itself into something reliable and loyal. Somehow, passion has turned into stability. The uncontrollable and untamable power of love is contained in a new system, the relationship. The raw power of anarchic love has become tamed. Political power is now exercised within a new system, democracy being the remaining option, albeit not a bulletproof one.

Amour Constitutionnel deals with these topics and confronts different types of interpersonal relationships. For example, compare a dictatorship with a toxic relationship, where one partner only suffers from the other. However, we go as far as comparing the parliamentarian system with a monogamous relationship and the U.S. presidential system with a sexually open relationship.

Just as relationships, political systems can be highly unstable at times. Think of the question whether you trust your partner or whether you have to check on his or her activities ? Then, you are in a “parliamentarian” relationship. Or have you simply set up some basic rules that both partners have to follow ? Then you are in a “presidential” relationship.

We could spend entire days talking about love and relationships. However, that’s not where the story ends. It is possible to draw conclusions from relationships to how society as a whole functions, wherever people come together.

For example, the economic theory of the law of diminishing returns applies as well to your daily activities: how much more work after a 14-hour work day brings how much more benefit for your project and recognition from your boss ?

How many more hours spent on Tinder will only lead to another round of jerking off in your bed, instead of meeting the person of your dreams ?

Or another example from sociology: why does the recent hire get faster access to the CEO than you ? By “pure coincidence”, you always see her going to happy hour with the executive secretary of the CEO.

Goals of the project:

Amour Constitutionnel’s ambition is to guide people towards a better understanding of themselves and their relationships in a world that is definitely not the one that our parents have known anymore.

Amour Constitutionnel aims to generate the audacity that everyone needs to find his or her own way and to invite people to ask themselves the right questions at the right time, to reinvent the concepts and experiences in order to allow everyone to shape the society of the future.

Amour Constitutionnel shows everybody the way up.

Amour Constitutionnel gives courage and hope that ultimately… everyone can seize power.

[1] Study « Les jeunes de 18 à 30 ans face à un travail en mutation » (Young people aged 18 to 30 years in a changing work environment) , June 16, 2017, ViaVoice et ManpowerGroup, in partnership with Les Echos Start