Love and Politics? Politics simply refers to a system that organizes life between people in a society. A relationship is a microcosm of all that: it organizes the life of two people. This is where the adventure begins.

Amour Constitutionnel’s ambition is to make people aware of how their relationships are the mere reflection of politics, and vice versa. We strive to enhance and encourage the notion that after all, love, one of our humanity’s biggest mysteries, can be explained. Amour Constitutionnel gives courage and hope that ultimately… everyone can seize power.

The Amour Constitutionnel Workshops
Launch: Fall 2017, Paris

The “End of Emotions !?” is a series of innovative workshops with the multidisciplinary Amour Constitutionnel approach : a place of engagement somewhere between short films, music, literature, exercises and academia. The objective is to open participants’ minds to new perspectives toward self-realization and well-being via interpersonal and professional practical enhancement, based on solid theoretical grounds from the social, political and economic sciences.

The workshops “End of Emotions !?” are being planned as follows :

  1. Love & Democracy: the Fundamentals 
  2. Love & Democracy: the Specifics
  3. Helpless Prince(ss) ? Never again!
  4. Pursuit of (Job) Happiness: Climbing or Crushing the Corporate Ladder ?
  5. The Potential of Addictions : Recycling Your Flaws
  6. “Master of your Life” or how to… Become the Person you Want to Fu*k !

Inspired by North American liberal arts colleges and the concept of Positive Psychology, we have created a mind-blowing and cutting-edge concept :

Imagine yourself at a rock concert, then again as a freshman in a crowded lecture hall for your first class in college, then again as the hero in a romantic novel… totally absorbed and drifting away… before the alarm bell wakes you up from the daily routine… and suddenly you are in the center of attention, picking up the mic and designing your own life.

The Amour Constitutionnel workshops are a fresh, innovative and fun experience that will give you a new outlook, perspective and the essential resources you need to get ahead. It is something that goes beyond a corporate seminar, a personal coaching session, a rock concert, or even a rollercoaster ride.

Why the “End of Emotions !?”

Aren’t emotions a good thing? Yes, they are! As long as they are not overwhelming and blurring your decision-making. The idea of the “End of Emotions !?” workshops is to ask the right questions at the right time, and thereby working with your emotions in a skillful way.

The idea of making your emotions become your best friend to leverage them into greater fulfillment, personal success, and overall happiness while turning them into your ally and allowing them to work for and not against you is the goal of the workshop series.

The workshops range from topics as diverse as relationships, corporate life, work-life balance to family traditions and addictions. Where one set of emotions ends, another one begins.

Emotions are everywhere !

Workshop format

Workshops will take place in groups of up to 15 people in central Paris. Each seminar is interactive and will last approximately 1 hour 15 minutes.

How to sign up for the workshops?

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Love & Democracy: the fundamentals

People usually satisfy their need to belong and to love by entering an intimate relationship. This workshop is for everyone who wants to approach his or her intimate relationships from a political angle. Political in this context refers to the specific power plays that exist…

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Love & Democracy: the specifics

Love is a powerful force. This force – sometimes way too strong – must be tamed if use is to be made of it. Just as modern societies organize their lives around political systems, people approach and organize love by entering different systems – or…

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Helpless Prince(ss) ? Never again!

Once upon a time, there was beautiful princess with stunningly dark eyes named Felicita who lived in a fortress and felt protected from all the evil in the world… One day though, she met a young man traveling from far abroad, spending a few days…

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The Potential of Addictions : Recycling Your Flaws

Addictions have multiple facets and differing lifespans. They stop from time to time, or are just present every day, minute and second. Some people have one addiction, while others have five. They can drive you to do crazy things, which don’t seem so crazy to…

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